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25 things you should do after you write your book

This is our first guest post from author Ani Alexander Writing the book is the easiest part of the process. Many authors think that writing a book is very hard and that once you finish your book, the rest is a piece of cake. I thought that way, too, until I wrote my first book. Once the book was ready, I tried to plan what to do next. That's when so many different large and small required actions came my way. As a result, I felt overwhelmed and confused. Now, having two books available on Amazon, I have to say that it seems to be just … [Read More...]

Murder of Crows

Consider these three ways to Kill Your Readers

This is a guest post by author/editor Katharine Trauger You probably would prefer NOT to kill your readers. But you might be a reader murderer without realizing it. Here's your personal “cheat sheet” for avoiding three hidden ways you might be killing your readers. Living readers love a well-written essay. You know those elegant pieces of prose that make you want to listen to the author read it aloud? I’m sure you love them too, especially when you’re the one producing that triumphant work of art we too seldom see in print. I am … [Read More...]

SoWrite Gold Medal

“Best Excerpt, All Genres” — We have our Medal Winners!

SoWrite's most successful writing contest to date has reached the finish line. It's time to announce our judges' prize-level choices for our "Best Excerpt, All Genres" finalists. Let me say right up front that this last judging round did not end up the way I had imagined it would. For instance, contestants who provided final-round critiques clearly felt that Melinda Clayton's entry,  "For weeks I sat..." deserved the top prize. The judges, however, had this entry just out of the medals, as Honorable Runner-up. Was this some sort of … [Read More...]

our dog Layla

On writing, deadlines, and the flu

What's the best medicine for the flu? You might think it's Tamiflu® or Theraflu® or maybe honey and whiskey (tea?). My wife's doctor recommended cough medicine plus Tylenol®. (What's with all the T-medicines, anyway?) Each of those products may be fine for treating the symptoms. What about a cure for the flu? Turns out, the vaccine only works in advance; so that's not much help once your have the flue. From what I've seen this year, the best medicine for the flu is ... laughter. That's right -- laughter. Let's face it, suffering … [Read More...]

Reviews: Of books and authors

Seven Dirty Words by Charlotte Howard

Interview with Charlotte Howard, author of “Seven Dirty Words”

The New Year brought us a new author with her first book release from Rocking Horse Publishing. Yesterday, I spent an hour or so chatting with Charlotte Howard about her steamy novel, Seven Dirty Words. We had hoped to get together on Skype for this interview, but that didn't quite work out. Read on... "All I can say is the sex is graphic and so is the language, but I hope it's not vulgar." »Q Let's begin with a little about you. You're living in Martock, England, correct? Yes, down in … [Read More...]

Tips on writing and blogging and stuff

Blake Shelton Doin'

Blake Shelton, a Master Storyteller? Oh, hail yeah! (video)

Okay, you've got 4 minutes and 24 seconds to tell a great story. Ready? Go! Blake Shelton did it in spectacular fashion in this … [Read More...]

Saving Mr Banks movie

If you’ve ever written a story…

If you've ever written a story, Go see Saving Mr. Banks. If you've ever written a story about love, or about love and loss, or … [Read More...]

weaving a story

Writing and Weaving: How’s your warp and weft?

...the art of weaving has some strong parallels to the craft of writing Do you feel like your writing has become unexciting … [Read More...]

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How many Mystery Writers does it take to change a light bulb? ~ Two. One to screw it most of the way in, and another to give it a really interesting twist at the end!

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