1000 Words for Winter Storm Nemo in upstate New York


Subtitled: Somebody better go back and get us a sh–load o’ shovels!

View of a snowy side street in Fairport NY

Here’s the view from my windshield as I toured the side streets of the village of Fairport, just hours after Nemo’s snow stopped falling. All told, we got only about 12″ snowfall — about half that of New England.

questionWhat say you, writers? Could you clearly describe this snowbound village road in less than 1000 words?


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  1. This morning the sun rose into a crystal clear sky. For a few minutes every snow-covered limb was backlit in pink.

    As I drove into town, the entire scene looked surreal. The full force of the sun rendered our tree-lined streets in striking contrast so harsh the world seemed black and white against the spotless blue sky. A full day after the snow stopped falling, stunning white icing still covers all of the plants and buildings.

    The same sun will begin to melt this magical mantle of snow today as temperatures climb into the thirties, from a starting point of SIX degrees at dawn. Soon enough, it will just be plain-old winter again.

  2. We skated by with hardly 6 inches…Nemo found you obviously! 😀

    • I couldn’t really even convey the beauty of this snowfall, Glory.

      It was just enough to be amazing, not enough to wreak havoc. And when the sun came out on Sunday, it was pretty spectacular — until the melting began. Glad you didn’t get snowed in there. The storm must have passed well north of you.

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