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Hey, I’m so glad you stopped by to visit! Thanks for being interested enough to dig a little deeper.

Who am I? I’m Jim Bessey, owner and editor for So Write Us. But I don’t work alone, and can’t take all the credit for what’s been happening here. As Ringo Starr said, “I get by with a [lot of] help from my friends!”

And for writers, having helpful friends can be the difference between success and slow failure.

We originally started SoWrite to host writing contests. In fact, our little gang of aspiring writers has been engaged in friendly competition for over seven years now. Way back when, I founded the On-Board Author Challenge on Helium’s Contests Forum section. Later on, with a huge assist from writer Glory Lennon, we moved into new accommodations as Helium’s Challenge Writers.

Altogether, we hosted a total of THIRTY-SEVEN Author Challenges that began in 2007 — with  nearly that many different winners. (Maybe we were TOO fair sometimes? –smile-)

Along the way, I’ve met dozens (hundreds?) of wonderful writers, both online and in the physical world. Among us, we’ve lost friends to unexpected death at least three times. Others merely moved on to other pursuits.

And yet, year after year, a core group of us has kept writing and kept in touch. We look out for each other, share secrets and successes, and socialize just for the pleasure of it. I’ve done two major collaborative projects with the incomparable Raymond Alexander Kukkee. One paid okay money; the other one was pretty solid.

Until this site began, we held our writers’ competitions just for fun.

Tell you what, though–it was a lot of work for all involved. Glory did most of it, for last year or so. We had some small prizes available, for those who wanted them. We paid our winners in praise and social links. Which was fine.

When I founded SoWrite, I wanted to offer ongoing writing competition with real cash rewards.

SoWrite website logo

Some of our contests went very well. In fact, one of them gathered nearly 500 Comments! We will do more in the future, but I really want to ramp up the prize money. I’m working on that, so stay tuned.

Our most valuable asset, however, is our network of talented authors, editors, publishers and publishing professionals. I guarantee you, not one of us has succeeded alone in a vacuum.

If you’re a writer and you want some help, join us. No pressure, no fees or dues, and no condescending attitudes. Just people who’ve been there helping people who are going there.

If you have questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. I remember your writing challenges, even though I never participated. Congratulations on your new site. Angie

  2. Congrats Jim. I see you are on a list of 25 bloggers to watch!

  3. Fiona Mather says

    Hi Jim, I asked if I could join your site and you sent me a confirmation email to me. I clicked on it but can’t find my password. Sorry to be a pain. I’m a Heliumite and know you from there. You said my name was familiar, you may remember me from there. Regards, Fiona.

  4. Leila Wilson says

    Just read your article re the non Google research tool. (Never thought of that!). That led me here and I subscribed as it all sounds great. Thank you

    • Thank you very much, Leila.

      And welcome! I hope you’ll join our next little contest — it won’t take much work at all. If you have ideas or requests for future contests, please let me know.

      Have you done the sort of writing where you find yourself wading deep into the unknown? I’ve always been hesitant to do that, and this has given me a whole new sense of adventure.

  5. Hi Jim,

    Congratulations- I have seen you on the ABM group facebook page and wanted to come over and take a look at your site. Your work is great!!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping over for a visit, and for your encouragement.


  1. […] Jim Bessey – Jim’s site is up and running, with a decent variety of content from himself and a small group of devoted contributors. The tagline is ”where writers compete,” but there’s more to SoWrite than their monthly contests. The real goal of the site is to create a supportive community of writers, editors and publishers. His background is editing and non-fiction paid content (although he loves fiction, especially Thrillers). He’s made solid contact with three Indie publishers so far, at various stages. Through his online writing efforts of 2007 and forward, he knows about 100 writers on a first-name basis. […]

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