What lessons can we mere mortal writers learn from these 6 literary geniuses?

“Alpha writers are born from a force that must be reckoned with – a message that cannot and will not be stifled!” They are the prolific writers of all time. The ones who not only produced reams of descriptive, often gut-wrenching manuscripts, but also delivered a relied-upon story line publishers and readers readily count on. […]

Branding yourself as a Writer: What’s in your name?

“The power of truly mindful branding is mighty, indeed. “ “It’s the reeaall thing, Coke is…” How about this one, “Ho, ho, ho, Green Giant!”? Certainly, bologna’s first and second names do not escape us easily… Now be honest, you sang those little ditties out loud when you saw them, didn’t you? The power of […]

Honest writing is about feeding the spirit, and so much more!

Don’t ever let them teach you how to write! The implications of this statement are encouraging and thought provoking, to say the least. It’s a line that gets to the heart of the matter, forces us to sink our teeth into something deeper – beyond the scope of words, obliterated with “grammatically correct” verbiage… …because […]

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