About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Raymond Alexander Kukkee is an independent freelance professional who continues to write and publish diverse articles, specialized niche content and creative work from Northwestern Ontario. His eclectic blog Incoming Bytes encourages readers to think for themselves. Raymond also writes short stories, children’s literature and poetry, but his favorite genre is fiction. He most recently published Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol, a new Christmas classic. He is also currently in the process of publishing his new YA novel, Fires of Waterland.

Story Structure: Are you Plotting or just Plodding?

“The story is going nowhere. The blank screen is still blank.” How do your stories develop structure? The cursor on your screen is blinking, glued to one spot. Is the hockey game on television  beginning to look more important by the moment? You may be cursing your cursor, but what you are really angry with […]

Freelancing pitfalls: The perils of writing for Niche websites

Abandonment: “Even with a great long-term writer/publisher relationship, the best assignment can come to a surprising end.” As writers, we are always proud to write our best for the best.  How many times have you wished for those plum assignments, or received requests for high-end quality content? Let’s suppose you have received them, written well, […]

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