End of Summer Contest: 3 Consecutive Sentences

Quick, how fast can you tell a story? Can you do it in just three sentences? Welcome to our End of Summer writing contest — “Three Consecutive Sentences” We’ll have cash and digital download prizes for winners. FIRST PRIZE: $20 cash (minimum) Bonus Prize: $10 cash Other prizes: Digital books from our judges Who can […]

Should You Rely on Spell-Checker to Edit Your Book?

 “Dew knot trussed yore spell chequer two fined awl yore mistakes.”  —Brendan Hills  (with thanks to alert reader Eva P Scott for supplying this perfect example) If you’re like me, you depend upon your word-processing software’s spell-checker to pinpoint errors when you’re composing. Let’s be honest here: even if you did once know how to spell thousands of words, […]

May’s Spell-Checker Contest post: Errors revealed for review

Our May Editing Contest was a comedy of errors.. I challenged contestants to wade through a real post riddled with dozens of intentional mistakes. Mistakes composed entirely of words spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. These are the errors an ordinary spell-checking program cannot reliably identify. They fool your own eye, too, since you know your […]

May Cash Contest: How many Spell-check errors can you spot?

Not one word on this page is misspelled, but… Dozens of words on this page are still wrong. Your Spell-Checker hasn’t a clue about any of these. Now it’s time to rely on your eye. How sharp are you? Are you a kick-butt Editor? Maybe you figure you are good enough at this to edit […]

April’s Foolish writing contest: “Bring out yer Spam!”

I want your Spam Comments. Really, I do. I want to plaster them all over this page. Now, you might ask yourself, “why would anyone want to do that?” Go ahead, ask. The answer is, Spam is fun! It might not taste very good, but if you approach Spam comments with the right attitude, they […]

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