Novel Ideas #2: “Find Your Quiet Place”

Share6 Tweet +12 Pin Share Stumble[20 quick steps to writing success] “Will you kids PLEASE keep it down? I’m trying to write here!” How many times have you said this, or something like it? You know you need QUIET time when it’s time to write. But LIFE goes on all around you. What can you do? […]

Novel Ideas #25: “Find Your Ending”

Share33 Tweet +11 Pin Share StumbleHave you had this happen to you? The End comes too soon, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. OR, the whole thing just goes on and on, for far too long — a complete anti-climax. We’ve all been there, at one time or another. An author leaves us hanging with a too […]

Novel Ideas #7: “Setting Builds Foundation”

Share3 Tweet +11 Pin Share StumbleSo you’ve got a cool story to tell, with a crafty plot. Great! Now, where should you “put” it? And does it really matter? Doesn’t Plot outrank Setting, like, totally? Yes and no. Where your story happens can have an enormous influence on everything from pacing and subplots, to secondary characters […]

Novel Ideas: #14 “Dogs Must Live!”

Share18 Tweet +11 Pin Share StumbleYou may think you have a perfectly rational reason for killing a dog in your novel. Maybe he’s a very large, rabid dog. Death would be a blessing. Or maybe he’s a devoted guard dog, destined to give his life in loyal service to his human family. So, really, in […]

Novel Ideas: #1 “Start Writing”

Share52 Tweet +11 Pin3 Share StumbleThose first words are critical, aren’t they? (Hell, I tried and tossed a dozen different sentences to start this post!} The writing is easy enough. Describe a character. Outline the plot. Picture a setting with vivid details. Blow up a building. Simple, huh? There’s a difference, though, between driving around […]

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