Writing and Weaving: How’s your warp and weft?

…the art of weaving has some strong parallels to the craft of writing Do you feel like your writing has become unexciting and one-dimensional? Sometimes we get so focussed with getting words onto paper that we forget to consciously work on our craft, and our writing begins to feel stale. Fortunately, thinking about your writing […]

Books: I found terror and awe in Straub’s Shadowland

How one book has influenced my thoughts on writing When I was nine, I stole my older sister’s copy of Salem’s Lot and that was it. I was hooked on horror. Ask me who my favorite author is, and I’ll say Stephen King with no hesitation. But my favorite book was written by King’s coauthor […]

Honest writing is about feeding the spirit, and so much more!

Don’t ever let them teach you how to write! The implications of this statement are encouraging and thought provoking, to say the least. It’s a line that gets to the heart of the matter, forces us to sink our teeth into something deeper – beyond the scope of words, obliterated with “grammatically correct” verbiage… …because […]

What’s on your Must-Read list?

Recently, I was having a conversation with Lou Aronica, publisher at The Story Plant. Lou had asked for my feedback on a review copy of one of his author’s novels. My remarks were mildly critical, so I offered Lou some insight on my reading background, in defense of my opinions. We all have biases. No […]

Dialect in dialogue: How much is too much?

We’re writers, and we all love a good character. You know, a character who’s something of a “character.” And we all know that one of the clearest, simplest, and most effective ways to illuminate a tasty character is by using dialect in dialogue. Good use of dialect lets our readers “hear” the same character voice […]

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