Novel Ideas #7: “Setting Builds Foundation”

Share3 Tweet +11 Pin Share Share Reddit StumbleSo you’ve got a cool story to tell, with a crafty plot. Great! Now, where should you “put” it? And does it really matter? Doesn’t Plot outrank Setting, like, totally? Yes and no. Where your story happens can have an enormous influence on everything from pacing and subplots, to […]

1000 Words for Winter Storm Nemo in upstate New York

Share12 Tweet +18 Pin4 Share Share Reddit Stumble1Dateline: FAIRPORT NY Subtitled: Somebody better go back and get us a sh–load o’ shovels! What say you, writers? Could you clearly describe this snowbound village road in less than 1000 words? Share12 Tweet +18 Pin4 Share Share Reddit Stumble1

Writers: How would YOU describe the dazzling fall foliage?

Share17 Tweet +1 Pin1 Share Share Reddit StumbleAs writers, we love to paint word pictures for our readers. How can we include descriptions of fall’s brilliant foliage without resorting to cliches? Here are 7 ways you can describe fall foliage. After days of dreary rain, the sun burst on the multicolored hillsides of my world, […]

Setting: Put me in your place!

Share9 Tweet +15 Pin Share Share Reddit StumbleDon’t lose your readers by wandering in the wilderness without a good mental map Most writers have stumbled across the advice “don’t dwell on setting.” Some top-selling authors deliberately ignore this advice–Jean Auel (Earth’s Children series that began with Clan of the Cave Bear) comes to mind immediately. […]

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