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    • Noting to Lose book cover“Nothing to Lose” — a bit of a stretch for Jack Reacher? by Jim Bessey, editor * Snippet:  ...That leeway (small pun there, sorry) to change the novels’ settings at will led the author to choose a series of locations that seem more suitable for a Stephen King novel. Reacher, headed vaguely west and south, rides into Hope, Colorado first. He hikes to the next town down the road, Despair – where the trouble begins, of course. Beyond Despair is a mysterious temporary advanced encampment for a combat Army MP unit – a forward operating base (FOB). Even farther to the west lies the town of Halfway, once a hopeful way-station for Americans headed west through the Rockies. Hope, Despair, a combat encampment, and Halfway – all in Colorado, east of the Rockies. Anyone remember “The Stand”?  [keep reading]


    • The Hard Way book coverBook reviews: The Hard Way, by Lee Child  by Jim Bessey, editor * Snippet:  …Former US Army MP Major Jack Reacher has been wandering among us for eleven years now, since “The Killing Floor” from 1997. Lee Child’s debut novel and first in this series, earned both the Anthony and Barry Awards for Best First Novel. Reacher is a tough guy to know, much less to love. But he’s the one person you’d want by your side in a showdown; that much is certain.   [keep reading]


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