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It’s always an honor and a privilege to have your own words featured on other blogs and websites. I love reaching out to new audiences and making new friends among readers I’d never have met otherwise.

If you’ve done guest posts on major blogs, you know how scary it can be to reach out to a well-established and respected site owner with your pitch. You need a great idea, one that fits perfectly with that blogger’s vision and goals. And your proposed post needs to be your very best material, not to mention error-free.

Lotta pressure there, huh? 

Along the way I’ve had plenty of help from my friends Gary Korisko, Danny Iny, and Mary Jaksch (Mary’s wonderful Write to Done hosted my very first outing). My thanks go out to each of you, and to dozens of other writers who’ve offered critiques and feedback over the years.

I hope you’ll enjoy these off-site articles. If you do, please leave a comment or share them with your friends.

Thanks!  ~Jim

My first time “on the road”: (with a LOT of help from my friends!)

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  1. Ray Glickman says

    Hi Guys

    I’ve just had my first novel, ‘Reality’ published in Western Australia by the Fremantle Press and have jus come across your group.

    My book explores manipulation by Reality TV but is about personal responsibility at its core.

    Is anyone else writing about this stuff, particularly in the US?

    Regards to all


    • Hi Ray, great to meet you.

      Your book sounds interesting, and timely. I would imagine that others are also exploring aspects of Reality TV, too, but I’m not familiar with this space. Have you looked around the market to see who else is digging into this?

      • Ray Glickman says

        Thx Jim for your response.

        Also, congratulations on the initiative behind sowriteus.

        How do you suggest ‘digging’? Do you know of any major figures in the US who are exploring the impacts of Reality TV? I was also thinking of using some obvious Twitter hashtags to seek out some contacts. Would appreciate any advice before i just google.
        kind regards

        • Thanks, Ray,

          I’m fairly clueless about your topic, but I do like your Twitter hashtag idea as a great place to start.

          Three major online newsmagazines worth searching are:
          > Mashable
          > Huffington Post
          > Slate

          I’m sure you’ll find interesting AND analytical articles about Reality TV among the thousands of articles in those digital publications.

          Other than that, do some keyword-phrase searches to see what Google finds.

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