The New Year is here. How will you prosper?

Aught-thirteen has arrived, with all the hope and promise of a New Year’s blank slate. How will you chalk up success in the next twelve months?

Happy New Year
What are your goals for 2013?

Do you want to …

  •  increase your freelance writing income?
  • complete your first novel?
  • “break through” and get published?
  • grow your audience?
  • sell more books?
  • make more money in general?

Every time the calendar turns over its new leaf, most of us take some time to reflect on our setbacks and successes from the past year, hoping to gain some insight and inspiration to improve our outlook for the new year.

After you’re finished writing down the resolutions you probably won’t keep (“lose weight, save for retirement, clean up the garage…”), take ten minutes to run through this outstanding checklist compiled by author Peg Brantley at Crime Fiction Collective.

(Approach the New Year) With Decisive Intent

14 Tips for a happier New Year in your writing career

by Peg Brantley

Now that we can be fairly certain the world isn’t coming to an end any time soon, we need to get some work done. Decisive Intent are my “creative” words for Strategic Planning, which sounds blah and reminds me of my former life.

It’s important to think ahead, and to do that we have to understand where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we want to be in a year. This list is focused strictly on writing. Whether you’re indie published, traditionally published, both, or wanting to be published, I think you’ll find some value in exercising Decisive Intent for your career. …

click here to read Peg’s list — a smart round-up of tips to make 2013 work better for you.

author Peg BrantleyCrime fiction writer Peg Brantley is the author of Red Tide (April 2012) and The Missings (November 2012). [full disclosure: those are affiliate links]
A Colorado native, Peg is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Sisters In Crime. She and her husband make their home southeast of Denver.

»photo credit: .v1ctor.

questionWhat are your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Have you ever made and kept an honest-to-goodness New Year’s Resolution?


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  1. Jm, snce 2013 s THE YEAR OF THE WRITER, we must strve to fly hgher, dream bgger, wrte better, and publsh! I have just publshed ‘The Fres of Waterland’ a new novel wth Redmund Productons new book launch — and I am pluggng away wth my author ste Incomng whch eventually wll nclude the majorty of my portfolo ncludng fcton, chldren’s books, a compendum of short stores, nche artcles, and specfc collectons of nche artcles arranged for the DIY’er. I am optmstc! I don’t make New Year’s resolutons, I just DO STUFF. All the best to you, Jm… Best of 2013 and years to come.

    • Jim Bessey says:

      Very excted by your announcement, Raymond.

      I know you’ve worked long and hard to release “The Fres of Waterland.” It’s great to see the progress you’ve made on your new ste, and to see your second book launched.

      “I don’t make New Year’s resolutons, I just DO STUFF” — perfect! All the best rght back atcha, Raymond.

  2. Thanks for ths Jm! I am determned to publsh ths year and I apprecate these artcles.

    And Raymond, congrats! I am on my way to check t out!

    • Jim Bessey says:

      I’m so glad to see you around agan, Danel!

      When you’re gettng closer to publshng, let me know how I can help. I’d be happy to be a beta reader for you, or put together an author ntervew, fun a “free frst chapter” — whatever mght help.

      As Raymond sad, let’s make ths OUR Year of the Wrter!

  3. I am a begnnng wrter so my New Years Resoluton s smple. Make wrtng the most mportant thng I need to do each day by dong t frst thng, before those other not so mportant jobs creep n to dsrupt my wrtng practce.

    • @Prska, nterestngly, I fnd that dong the necessary and mundane work frst gves me tme to thnk about characters, dalogue, and plot lne. It seems to make the wrtng go better, whereas f you have to hurry up and get done wrtng so you can do other ‘jobs’–t puts negatve pressure on the muse. “:)

  4. H Jm, thanks for sharng Peg’s lst I really found t helpful. I’m a coach and publshed my frst book ths year but readng that lst make me realze I’m very vague about what I want to acheve ths year as regards my wrtng. I want to wrte 2 eBooks and create a new membershp program but as regards book wrtng I have been left t floatng, and as I have become much buser snce I publshed my book, my schedule for wrtng has become more erratc. thanks agan for the lst I thnk t wll get me back on track.

    • Jim Bessey says:

      I’m so glad you found ths helpful, Cara!

      It’s easy to get bured n projects and fnd yourself pluggng away at everythng, fnshng nothng. When I conceved and launched SoWrte, I found that the only way I could make serous progress was to set attanable goals and lst the steps requred for each task.

      I’d love to hear more about your two ebooks, as well as the one you’ve already publshed, Cara. Thanks very much for your feedback!

  5. Great checklst!

    As a new wrter, buldng my platform and networkng are crucal. I plan on submttng both of my novels, and I hope to have wrtten at least one new book by the end of ths year.

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