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“What comes next?”

NEWS: Deadline is extended to Saturday, Feb 2

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  1. Jim Bessey says:

    NOTE: NO NEED TO RE-QUOTE JULIE’S FIRST SENTENCE — just add your own new sentences as your entry.

  2. 1) ...of fox hounds says:

    “Ths I confess, and nothng more!” she cred aloud to the howlng throng of fox hounds and the tralng hunters on horseback. “Ths poor red fox went to ground at my feet and I have rescued hm; any dog or wealthy hunter wll have to tear out my own throat before harmng t. Now go and seek another blood sport where the odds aren’t 50 aganst 1 a beautful creature that poses no threat to person or hound.”

  3. 2) (entry removed) says:

    She paused, grabbed the mcrophone wth both hands, and whspered: “I know who klled hm, and hs name s–” Those were the last words she ever uttered.

  4. 3) Clothes torn and says:

    Clothes torn and drty, weakened from the chase, Catalna remaned defant, havng revealed naught but her name. She would tell ths lynch mob nothng more, now or ever. She would de before revealng the locaton of her beloved. And then, whether from fatgue, fear, or both, Catalna fanted.

  5. 4) The standing ovation says:

    The standng ovaton from her beloved fans was deafenng ths tme around, but she heard none of t. She took two steps stage left, clutched her heart and collapsed on her best and last Broadway performance.

    • Jim Bessey says:

      I enjoyed ths entry because of ts creatve twst. You took the story n a drecton I’d never envsoned.

      • Jm, you know ths one’s mne too. Thanks!

        • Jim Bessey says:

          I made a pont of “forgettng” who had entered what, Glory. Of course, t’s easy enough for me to ht “edt” and have a sneak peek, but t’s more fun just to rely on the wrtng tself. NOW I know ths one s yours, and of course I stll lke t! :-)

  6. 5) Renata whispered her says:

    Renata whspered her ncantatons as the fre lcked up the woman’s skrts, found flesh, and dug n. Agonzng shreks saled over the mob, slencng the ragged lot wth ther brutal fnalty. The lollng head, nude and ncked wth razor marks, rose once more and the crowd fell back, many makng the sgn of the cross, as that burnng mouth roared forth n Renata’s voce, “Death. Death to you all!”

    She should be on that pyre, not her mother.

  7. 6) I healed the says:

    “I healed the boy who was sck, but wth herbs and medcnes!” the crowd
    was no queter and stll they called for the purgng. “I am not a wtch!”
    she cred agan wth falterng hope, these people would not see reason.

  8. 7) He is my says:

    “He s my chld, a bastard chld whom I sent away because of the evl n hs
    eyes.” she spat at the man who stood before her, but the cuffs on hs wrsts
    dd not hold back the sadness n hs eyes. “Condemn hm, for a mother knows
    when a son s gulty.”

  9. 8) Open your eyes says:

    “Open your eyes!” Maure shouted. “You have brought ths calamty upon yourselves, and you would kll me for your msdeeds? You have ushered n your own destructon.”

  10. 10) “Blasphemer!” cried the says:

    “Blasphemer!” cred the prest vehemently, “Heresy wll not be tolerated!” The angry mob roared for her executon. The prest, rasng one hand for slence, calmly asked, “Is t better to burn n hell for eternty to keep your msguded belefs?” The prsoner, a mere grl of seventeen, was ted unmercfully tght to a stake mounted on a hastly bult platform. “There s nothng to repent! I shall never sacrfce my belefs for your corrupt church!” The prest, enjoyng the renewed fervor of the crowd, rased hs hand once agan and wth fegned solemnness sad, “Take her to the nqustoral chambers.”

  11. 11) A roar rumbled says:

    A roar rumbled over the crowd, floodng towards her as though the banks that stood ether sde had burst. She contnued to hold a tght grp on the ropes that held the duckng stool over the cold waters. “Yes, I am a wtch. But I do not brng harm to the vllage. I am not the one who has hexed you. I do not kll the men. But I can put an end to ths plague. If you’ll only let me down, I wll show how you can rd yourselves of the dsease that you fear more than me.”

  12. 12) She walked off says:

    She walked off the podum, straght nto the clutches of her most ntmate and trusted advser.
    “Do you have any dea what you just dd?” he shouted over the deafenng nose, grabbng her arms n a ferce grp.
    “Why, yes, I do beleve I just may have ousted a sttng tyrant and replaced hm wth me. Proud of me, Darlng?” she sad, her smle wdenng.

  13. 13) When the raucous says:

    When the raucous laughter fnally ded down, the audence stood up clappng and hootng n apprecaton of the fake revenge revelaton.
    As the Ivana mpersonator massaged the harsh chemcals nto the bllonare’s raw scalp she purred, “Your bold new harstyle wll make headlne news.”
    Then she shreked, “Maybe your latest whore, Marla wll run the other way!” Then she raced center stage wth the stcky clumps of bleached har wavng above her head lke proud frst-place gold rbbons.

    • Jim Bessey says:

      OK, ths s just plan hlarous! Well done. :-)

    • Jim Bessey says:

      Now, a bt later (durng the power outage at the Super Bowl) —

      Not only s ths entry hlarous, but t’s the wnner of our $10 bonus Thank You prze! I’ll gve the author some tme to drop by and dentfy herself.

      • Sweet! Thanks for the 1O bucks. 13 s a good number! PJ

        • Jim Bessey says:

          I’m so glad you entered, PJ!

          I just wasn’t sure how you’d lke to be addressed here, snce I know you by another par of ntals. Oddly enough, your comment was our #13, the ste’s #2013, and your dgtal web address also ends n the number 13. “Good number” ndeed! :-)

  14. 14) The mob was says:

    The mob was maddened beyond reason. They beat upon the great table wth knfe pommel and beer sten, they bellowed and gbbered and gnashed ther teeth. The young ones eyed her wth pmply ll wll, protestng or weepng openly n accordance wth ther ages and temperaments.

    “Oh yes!” she contnued, “I wanted the pe! I desred the pe! It s far to say I lusted after the pe wth a depraved and unholy hunger!

    “Notwthstandng, know ths, and know ths well! It was not I, who stole the pe.”

    “But I damn well know who dd!”

  15. 15) This I confess says:

    “Ths I confess, and nothng more!” sad Jm.

    “Then so t wll be. You had your chance. You’ll have to wat untl the next lfe f you want my forgveness,” sad hs mstress.

  16. 16) Her words as says:

    Her words, as frgd n ther fnalty as they were chllng n ther mplcatons, crept away from the das; nto and over the crowd lke the frst glacal btes of an ntermnable wnter. They stood there, all of them, frozen n the settled fog of her declaraton, slent, realzng wth frosted certanty that her confesson functoned now as the ce tracery that framed the clear wndows of ther doom.

  17. ‘Ths I better confess too,” sad Raymond….haha, beng unqualfed to enter such fne compettons,…
    “Why bleat ye so?” She ponted at the great ple of wool. “Ye are not turned nto lamb chops, but merely shorn! I am but a shearer, not a butcher!”

    • Jim Bessey says:

      :-) Raymond,

      I can tell how badly you want to re-enter the competton! Perhaps we should let you shed your judge’s robes durng the next contest round? Make no mstake, though. Your tme served as a judge s greatly apprecated.

  18. I can replace you, Raymond! You poor dear!

  19. 17) Isn't that what says:

    “Isn’t that what you meant to sgn, Roosevelt?”

    Jane stood horrfed before the cage whle the sly bonobo contnued to ask for ce cream as f nothng were amss. The other monkeys pulled on ther bars and howled, furous at the stench.

    Feces was smeared everywhere. Ths was a two-gallon bleach job for sure. Roosevelt had even ht the lght so the heat from the bulb could waft the aroma of baked sht that much more effcently.

    “Confesson s good for the soul, you bastard,” she sad, feelng gulty for yellng.

    • TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

      • Have you checked durng the frst hours after dawn? Here n southeast Florda I have notced Anole mdday actvty stop when the hgher teeurratpems of Summer started. Both A. carolnenss and A. sagre are actve durng the entre day n the Wnter months.

      • I have offcally reached the postpartum perod where GPs gve me the sde-eye for stll breastfeedng: n fact, today one assumed that I must have a second chld n order to be dong so.For the record, that length of tme s 22 months (very tall kd admttedly, he probably looks more lke 26 or 30 months at a glance).

  20. 18) Oh shit Wendy says:

    “Oh sht, Wendy the Wart-Nosed palmed her meds!”

    Jack’s yell was lost n the melee. Sx frantc patents n paper slppers and one shocked resdent back-pedaled ther plastc chars away from the ‘sharng crcle’ wth varyng degrees of success thanks to the uneven lnoleum. Wendy, already standng on her seat, raked her nals down her sallow cheeks, drawng blood.

    “It burns! IT BURNS!”

    Jack turned to Edde. “Fve cgarettes say she lands n soltary for a week.”

    “You’re on.”

    Jack grnned as the orderles pushed gbberng patents asde to wrestle Wendy to the ground. “Man, I love new resdent day!”

  21. I’m #12…What does t mean? What do I do know? Where do I go? Where’s the beef?

    • Jim Bessey says:

      Means you are one of our three, perhaps even the wnner, Glory.

      Just st back and bask n the warmth of t all. I’ll have the fnal announcement soon.

      • I would do dfferent strength work than what s posted from CFE. Although I enjoy CF, t s a sport n tself and CFE s not adequate for sports pefocrmanre. There are much better methods of tranng out there. Good luck!

  22. Petra Newman says:

    H Jm, I can’t beleve I mght te n fourth place. I had so much fun wth ths contest. I laughed and laughed at the entres. Just beng part of ths was reward enough:) Can’t wat for the next one.
    Thanks and have a GREAT Day:)


    • Jim Bessey says:

      Whch numbered entry s yours, Petra?

      You can reply drectly to your own entry, so we know t’s yours. (Yes, I can access ths nfo, but t’s a tedous process and not much fun!)

      Whle I’ve lsted the top-three n random order, our ted-for-fourth entres are legt. Our judges were so emphatc n ther support of these choces that I felt t only far to Menton them. In fact, the two ted entres are responsble for much of the judges’ frantc dscusson last nght.

      Great job, for sure, by both of you, Petra.

  23. Open your eyes says:

    When I read the contest rules and entered, I was certan rules stated, add 1 or 2 sentences to Jule’s wnnng sentence. Dd we change horses somewhere along the way? —100 words?

    • H “OYE”, I’ll pnch-ht for Jm… here, ,,,,up above these comments t s n the specfc JanJump rules. …a couple of sentences to a max. of 100 words. “:) Who would have known, huh?

    • Jim Bessey says:

      Yes, there was some jostlng along the way.

      “up to 100 words” was there all along. Some of the earlest entres also encroached on the “1 to 2 sentences” dea rght away. There was some dscusson, and then I posted updated and revsed rules one week ago, along wth the extended deadlne.

      One thng I always allow — f a contestant s comfortable “volatng” the rules, and therefore potentally havng the judges gnore hs or her entry, then that’s alrght wth me. I’ve never been a draconan moderator. I try to offer reasonable gudelnes, and then hope that partcpants wll abde by them.

      Thanks for your help wth ths one, Raymond! :-)

  24. Petra Newman says:

    I don’t know; as soon as I turned 60 I’ve been addng a few pounds each year:) It’s true what they say. Oh well, lfe’s too short, no sense denyng myself. I heard chocolate was good for you…Chocolate, ce cream, whppng cream ……!!!!!!!

  25. Very good artcle! We wll be lnkng to ths partcularly
    great artcle on our ste. Keep up the great wrtng.

  26. 19) Her footing teetered says:

    Her footng teetered on the table; her rollng pn held hgh to ward off the frenzed crowd from the “Nothng Tastes Better than Sknny” club. “Yes, I dd t; I used real cream n the Crème Brulee.” She almost laughed at the absurdty. Who are we, she thought, have we evolved from beng human to butt lfted, breast mplanted and botox njected sknny mutants? She stared at the crazed eyes of detng women who surrounded her lke a pack of feral wolves.

  27. I thnk you’ve just captured the answer perfectly

  28. Jim Bessey says:

    Ths entry also earns Honorable Menton, and s ted wth #7 for Fourth Place — well done!

  29. Petra Newman says:

    Mne was #19, Jm . . . I thnk I should change my face on here, what happened? It looks lke I’ve been eatng too much creme lol…t’s all the good food that was forced on me when I was out west:)hmmm

  30. Jim Bessey says:

    I thnk your face s just fne, Petra! Mne s too tny.

    Maybe both of us should get awesome and clever Avatars? :-)

  31. love the ergo peranrmfoce – the lttle pockets means we can duck out for a walk and have a place for a change of nappy and keys. IT also sutable for a long perod of use form baby to young toddler and has great back support for the wearer as well as bub.

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