Our November Fiction Finalists announced

As promised, I’m pleased to announce the three fiction finalists for SoWrite’s first writing contest.

November Fiction pageBefore I do, I’d like to say a few words. (This is where you signal the waiter for a fresh drink.)

First and foremost, I want to thank our brave contest entrants for daring to risk their priceless prose in this new and untested forum. Each was willing to lay his or her ego at the feet of our two judges in return for the chance of a relatively small prize. They even paid an entry fee for the privilege.

My thanks to these writers is for their trust. Trust that the prize was real, and would be awarded exactly as described. (It will be .) Trust that the judges chosen could be fair, objective, and provide valuable feedback to all of our authors.

When you see the judges’ responses (open to all, soon), I think you’ll agree that our entrants’ faith was well-placed in that regard.

I can’t thank judges Amanda and Tammy enough. Neither earned a cent for their efforts. Both ladies patiently overlooked early glitches in the contest’s mechanics and cheerfully replied to my frantic emails. I hope I can find a way to repay their selfless dedication.

My sincere appreciation also goes out to several readers who went out of their way to help promote this competition. Their votes of confidence were instrumental in launching SoWrite’s debut writing contest.

Okay, let’s get to it.

The November Fiction contest, “Best First Chapter,” closed this past Tuesday at midnight. Tammy and Amanda read and re-read all of the 1000-word entries. They made notes, tallied scores, and offered critical responses to each contestant.

They also had a little discussion between themselves, and came to a contest consensus.

We have our three finalists.

For now, I’m only going to reveal their entry titles. At this point, the authors are still anonymous. As this site’s host (and not involved in judging at all), I’m the only one who knows the identity of each contestant.

And so, by title only — and in random order — here are the judges’ choices as November’s three finalists:

  • Agnes’s Garden
  • From Raggs: The Bent Man
  • The Boy With the Black Leather Jacket

When I return on Saturday, I’ll announce the judges’ final decision for our first place winner.

Until then, the entered authors are free to add their own comments (if desired) on the password-protected contest page. Once the winner is determined, I’ll remove that protection from the page, so all of our readers can enjoy the entries and replies.

Thanks once again to everyone who participated in our first fiction fray!

~ Jim 


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