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Our Plain-English Privacy Policy:

I will never, ever share your email or personal information with anyone without your express permission. You may cancel requests to receive emails or other communication from our website at any time, for any reason.

 Email specifics:

SoWrite collects email addresses from readers in order to improve communication about all aspects of this website. I may use your email information to contact you for any of the following reasons:

  • To notify you of new posts here on the website, or of guest posts originating from SoWrite
  • To begin a general discussion about some site-related topic
  • To ask questions or offer survey opportunities in order to improve this site’s value to you
  • To ask for your assistance with some site-related issue
  • To clarify your interaction with the website regarding guest posting, contests, or comments
  • To send you product or service offers directly related to SoWrite’s mission
  • To make Contest payments to you, when you have won a prize
  • And sometimes, just to say hello and see how your doing!

I will not share or sell your email or other personal information with/to any third party, regardless of how closely-related that party’s offer might be to SoWrite’s mission.

If you ever do receive email from a third party purporting to contact you on my behalf, please notify me immediately. I will prosecute any such violation to the fullest extent allowed by law.

You may choose to UnSubscribe from any SoWrite email list at any time by using the link provided in every message I send to you. When you do, you will receive only one final confirmation message, to protect you from accidental unsubscription.

If you do decide to unsubscribe, I won’t contact you again. I would love to hear from you directly, especially if you’re unhappy about any aspect of this website–but that’s entirely up to you.


Please contact me directly for answers. Thanks!


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