If you’ve ever written a story…

Saving Mr Banks movie

Saving Mr. Banks movie poster (Disney)

If you’ve ever written a story,

Go see Saving Mr. Banks.

If you’ve ever written a story about love, or about love and loss, or about joy and sorrow,

whether your story was long or short, epic or small…

If you’ve ever written a story that moved you to laughter or tears,

Go see Saving Mr. Banks.

If you’ve ever ended up so deep inside your characters’ heads, so deep that their thoughts simply appeared on the page, and you found yourself on a journey you had created but couldn’t control, you need to see this movie.

If you’ve ever taken the joy and passion and the darkness and tragedy of your own life and blended all of that into a fiction so powerful you didn’t even realize what you had done,

Go see Saving Mr. Banks.

If you’ve ever invented a world and filled it with light and laughter, or if you’ve created an alternate reality so dark it gave you goosebumps, I promise you’ll love this true story, a story entirely grounded in reality.

Saving Mr. Banks is a story for writers and dreamers, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Whatever your plans were for the rest of the weekend, make a little room for this movie. De-clutter the basement another day. Clear a couple of hours somewhere in the middle of all that stuff you can do some other time anyway.

Even if you don’t much like going to the movies,

Even if you remember almost nothing about Mary Poppins,

Even if you could hardly care less about Walt Disney and all his creations,

Even if you think you won’t like this movie one tiny bit at all, consider that this story might be powerful enough to transcend all that.

If you are a writer,

Go see Saving Mr. Banks.

I don’t review movies. That would be silly, since there are hundreds of people more qualified than I am. But I know what I like when I see it, and I know when it moves me profoundly.
Did you see Saving Mr. Banks? What did you think? 


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  1. Well, where’s the popcorn? 😀

  2. It’s on my list. I like Ms. Travers!

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