Submission Guidelines

Looking for Contest Entry guidelines, instead? 

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We accept the following types of Content Submissions:

  • Guest Posts (please Query first)
  • Book Reviews (can be linked to existing reviews, upon approval)
  • Original articles suitable for our Writing Tips section (see existing content for examples)
General Guidelines:
  • Submissions must be original content (except for “snippeted” book reviews).
  • See the Contact page for email and Social media options
  • For email submissions you may attach content in RTF format, or simply include within your email.
  • Preferred word count range: 500 to 1200 words
  • Please include appropriate sub-headings and keep paragraphs skimmably short
  • [HINT] See7 ways to improve your writing…right now (Copyblogger) for Style pointers!
  • Do not supply any special formatting like font styles or colors or -h- tags
  • Please DO use –bold– and –italics– as appropriate
  • Want to include an image with your submission?
    • Please be certain you have the right to use the image. Supply your URL or attach to email as jpeg.
    • jpeg images should not exceed 500K file size
    • Want to suggest an image for your submission? Include a link to a Flickr image from the CreativeCommons section. I’ll do the rest, including proper attribution.
  • Include your preferred two-sentence bio, author head-shot, and up to 3 desired links.
  • Please proofread your submission carefully. ‘Nuf said.

What’s in it for you?

  • Professional presentation of your material on
  • Generous back-linking to your preferred websites on-post
  • Continuous back-linking from our Contributors page
  • Whenever applicable, I’ll give you Contest Entry Credits for future use.
  • Want to earn cash for submissions? Please Query!

This page will be updated as needed to better detail guidelines for submitting content to SoWrite.Us

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  1. I’m also a believer in: “when one door closes, another one opens” or is it a window? Lol!
    Funny how we can crave excitement and mystery in life but when it actually happens we can freak ourselves out with our own thinking! Being human never ceases to amaze me!

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