“Best Excerpt, All Genres” — We have our Medal Winners!

SoWrite’s most successful writing contest to date has reached the finish line. It’s time to announce our judges’ prize-level choices for our “Best Excerpt, All Genres” finalists. Let me say right up front that this last judging round did not end up the way I had imagined it would. For instance, contestants who provided final-round […]

“Best Excerpt, All Genres” Contest Medal Round

Our contestants and judges have spoken, and we have our four “Best Excerpt, All Genres” 2014 contest finalists. Why four? Because our judges were adamant about their choices, and insisted that a fourth entry be considered in this final medal-award round. Before I get any deeper into the details, please allow me to present our […]

New 3-Sentence Contest: “Best Excerpt, All Genres”

Last weekend, I promised you a new contest. Here’s your chance to show off your best writing. To enter, all you need is three dynamite sentences. Our first contest for 2014 is “Best Excerpt, All Genres.” So this first round is open to almost everyone. We’re really going to mix things up this time, which […]

Coming up next: Contest, “Best Excerpt, All Genres”

With frigid winds blowing the snow around outside, it’s time to revive SoWrite’s writing contests. We saw an exciting mix of great entries and enthusiastic reader interaction in 2013’s final competition. That contest called for a complete story told, start to finish, in just 3 sentences. That was a tough order, but our writers rose […]

Okay, what the heck is going on here?

“Things have been awfully quiet around here lately. What’s the deal?” It ain’t all sunshine and roses running a website, is it? Sometimes Life gets in the way (at least twice a week here), and sometimes you run out of money (yup!). And running a site that hosts writing contests comes with its own little […]

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