Publishing: Show me the money?

Want to see your book published? Let’s talk about the money. An author has many options for publishing, and there’s no single “right” answer for everyone. What it comes down to, however, is to either self-publish or try for an agent/contract – not that you need an agent to obtain a contract, especially in the […]

Editor’s review of “The Fires of Waterland” by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

“poignant and compelling — don’t miss it” In The Fires of Waterland, emerging author Raymond Alexander Kukkee has produced a powerful coming-of-age tale. His characters are vividly drawn, with utterly convincing dialogue. The story of Fletcher Williams’ troubled but hope-filled childhood develops through a series of bittersweet flashbacks. We learn that “Fletch” is an orphan; but […]

Honest writing is about feeding the spirit, and so much more!

Don’t ever let them teach you how to write! The implications of this statement are encouraging and thought provoking, to say the least. It’s a line that gets to the heart of the matter, forces us to sink our teeth into something deeper – beyond the scope of words, obliterated with “grammatically correct” verbiage… …because […]

Freelancing pitfalls: The perils of writing for Niche websites

Abandonment: “Even with a great long-term writer/publisher relationship, the best assignment can come to a surprising end.” As writers, we are always proud to write our best for the best.  How many times have you wished for those plum assignments, or received requests for high-end quality content? Let’s suppose you have received them, written well, […]

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