On writing, deadlines, and the flu

What’s the best medicine for the flu? You might think it’s Tamiflu® or Theraflu® or maybe honey and whiskey (tea?). My wife’s doctor recommended cough medicine plus Tylenol®. (What’s with all the T-medicines, anyway?) Each of those products may be fine for treating the symptoms. What about a cure for the flu? Turns out, the […]

Interview with Charlotte Howard, author of “Seven Dirty Words”

The New Year brought us a new author with her first book release from Rocking Horse Publishing. Yesterday, I spent an hour or so chatting with Charlotte Howard about her steamy novel, Seven Dirty Words. We had hoped to get together on Skype for this interview, but that didn’t quite work out. Read on… “All […]

The New Year is here. How will you prosper?

Aught-thirteen has arrived, with all the hope and promise of a New Year’s blank slate. How will you chalk up success in the next twelve months? What are your goals for 2013? Do you want to …  increase your freelance writing income? complete your first novel? “break through” and get published? grow your audience? sell […]

How do you find time to write?

These days, with dozens of digital distractions, writers have to physically block out time to write. It hasn’t always been this way, of course. When I first started writing, we didn’t even have VCR’s, and the only “Mario and Luigi” we knew owned competing pizza shops. I was four years old. I had made a […]

Branding yourself as a Writer: What’s in your name?

“The power of truly mindful branding is mighty, indeed. “ “It’s the reeaall thing, Coke is…” How about this one, “Ho, ho, ho, Green Giant!”? Certainly, bologna’s first and second names do not escape us easily… Now be honest, you sang those little ditties out loud when you saw them, didn’t you? The power of […]

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