Novel Ideas #25: “Find Your Ending”

Have you had this happen to you? The End comes too soon, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. OR, the whole thing just goes on and on, for far too long — a complete anti-climax. We’ve all been there, at one time or another. An author leaves us hanging with a too clever cliff-hanger. Another author, unwilling […]

Blake Shelton, a Master Storyteller? Oh, hail yeah! (video)

Okay, you’ve got 4 minutes and 24 seconds to tell a great story. Ready? Go! Blake Shelton did it in spectacular fashion in this official video for his latest single, “Doin’ What She Likes” (album, “Based on a True Story…” ©2013 Ten Point Prod’ns Inc., Warner Bros.). In the video, Blake plays a regular guy […]

Story Structure: Are you Plotting or just Plodding?

“The story is going nowhere. The blank screen is still blank.” How do your stories develop structure? The cursor on your screen is blinking, glued to one spot. Is the hockey game on television  beginning to look more important by the moment? You may be cursing your cursor, but what you are really angry with […]

Sample Post for Writing tips/Plot category

This is a sample post is for Writing Tips/Plot category. Here we’d have some awesome content about the wonderful world of writing about Plot. See, isn’t this content just the coolest? Here we’d have some awesome content about the wonderful world of plot writing. See, isn’t this content just the coolest? Oh gosh yes. Here we’d […]

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