25 things you should do after you write your book

This is our first guest post from author Ani Alexander Writing the book is the easiest part of the process. Many authors think that writing a book is very hard and that once you finish your book, the rest is a piece of cake. I thought that way, too, until I wrote my first book. […]

Publishing: Show me the money?

Want to see your book published? Let’s talk about the money. An author has many options for publishing, and there’s no single “right” answer for everyone. What it comes down to, however, is to either self-publish or try for an agent/contract – not that you need an agent to obtain a contract, especially in the […]

The New Year is here. How will you prosper?

Aught-thirteen has arrived, with all the hope and promise of a New Year’s blank slate. How will you chalk up success in the next twelve months? What are your goals for 2013? Do you want to …  increase your freelance writing income? complete your first novel? “break through” and get published? grow your audience? sell […]

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