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Here’s a list of sites worth keeping an eye on.

Lots of folks are talking about writing, blogging, freelancing, publishing — and life — all around the Internet. Some of them have earned incredible success, while others are busy finding their niche and their own audience.

You won’t find the sites on this page being featured on Mashable’s front page or trending on Twitter, at least not yet. These are writers I respect, and have met one way or another — by social media referral, introduction, or collaboration. They are regular people like you and me, working hard at their craft and finding their way to future greatness.

I personally recommend each of these site owners. I’ve listed them below in no particular order, and without trying to categorize them in groups. Why not stop over and get to know them better?

Websites worth watching:


Gary's Reboot siteSite owner: Gary Korisko          URL:

Theme: How to find your OWN way to success

Incoming Bytes website

Site owner: Raymond Alexander Kukkee    URL:

Theme: Thoughts and observations on life and writing


Sacred Earth Partners

Site owner: Lori Lynn Smith        URL:

Theme: How to inject passion into your lifestyle AND business


The Petite PenSite owner: Jovell Alingod     URL:

Theme: “Writing for small business”


Value of SimpleSite owner: Joel Zaslofsky       URL:

Theme: Useful and practical investment advice for regular people


Point of the Quill

Site owner: Lee Tyler      URL:

Theme: Painless help and advice for writers


A Small Field website

Site owner: Dave Rowley      URL:

Theme: “Bringing more awareness to the small moments in our lives”


The Bounce Blog

Site owner: Bobbi Emel, MFT    URL:

Theme: How to “survive and thrive through life’s ups and downs”


English Trackers Editing

Site owner: Bridget Rooth    URL:

Theme: “Blogging good English for lovers of the language”


Have I missed your website or blog?

I’ve made mistakes before, and will make more in the future. If you believe your site should be included in this list, please contact me right away. If you find incorrect information or non-working links on this page, please let me know about those, too.

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  1. Dear Gary,
    Thanks for adding my blog to your list! There are some blogs above I knew of already and others are new to me. Off to see who you’re introducing me to!

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