So Write Writers’ Contests begin in November 2012

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So Write Us isn’t just another writers’ Content site — there are plenty of great ones out there. Nope, we’re all about competition here. We’ve been competing for fun since 2007 at Helium, and since 2010 as the Challenge Writers.

Soon, very soon, we’ll be ready to begin a whole new phase of writers’ contests, hosted here.

My target date is November 2012.

What has to happen here before we can begin? Quite a bit, actually. As you can plainly see, the website exists. There’s already a wee bit of helpful content here and there; but we need more. That “sample” stuff has to go! I’d like to gather some contributor Book Reviews. We’ll also host a Classified section for members and contributors, soon. I’ve invited current Challenge members to submit original Writing Tips pieces, several of which are on the way.

All of that is just furniture for the house. It’s fun to decorate, but my goal is to open the Game Room by November.

To get there, this site will need a sponsor or two, to help pay the bills. I’m also reaching out right now to potential judges, with help from other Challenge writers (thanks!). Not to mention, I’ll have to create the right infrastructure here for hosting competitions. Might have to do a bit of research there.

That sounds like work, but I am having fun and putting reams of Copyblogger knowledge to good use. (Does anyone know how to change the favicon for a WordPress site? Yeah…) In the meantime, I’ll keep pluggin’ away, steering a course toward the end game: So Write Writers’ Contests. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a great site, Jim! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see more as it grows:)

  2. Since this first posted, MJ has since become a regular Contributor to the site, with plenty more to come.

    I’ve also “signed” two great judges for our first contest round, mid-November: Tammy Narayan (on the Contributors Page) and Amanda Dcosta (our first site sponsor).

    Contest rules are in final draft status, and the nuts and bolts of SoWrite’s first contest round are coming together, based on discussions among myself and both judges and contributors.

    We’re just about ready to roll this out to contestants. Hope to see you here!

    • The General Contest Rules are now published.

      Please see the main navigation bar at the top of every page, near the bar’s center.

      More to come!

  3. Jim,
    We’re waiting…. all of us … anxious for the start of the contest. I can’t wait to see all the entries. And there are many who are waiting to see what this contest is about … soon.
    Very impatient….


  4. Where can I find the different entries Jim?
    I’m a little lost here.

    • I’ve sent you an email reply, Connie.

      Contest participants like you, judges, and I can all see entries on the contest’s password-protected page. A link to that page is in the contest announcement, and can also be found by hovering your mouse over the link to Contest Rules in the main navigation band just below the SoWrite logo.

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